RE: 360 Post Street
San Francisco, CA
Fire and Smoke Damage

As most of you are aware of by now, the 360 Post Street building suffered extensive smoke damage the evening of Wednesday, October 14 due to a fire that occurred in the basement mechanical room.

We are making every effort to restore the building and tenant premises and this letter should help to answer some of your questions of how to expedite your occupancy.

The Landlord has filed a claim with the insurance carrier to address those items that we are responsible for. The Landlord will take control of restoring all systems and conditions existing from the ceiling tile and grid structure through and including the plenum area above (includes the above ceiling grid lighting, hvac ducting, sprinklers, and fire systems). The fan coil units at the window line will also be addressed by the Landlord.

To expedite the repair process it is imperative that a claim be filed with your insurance carrier to protect your interests as the Tenant. In addition, you should also make arrangements for a restoration company to service your premises. Tenant’s responsibility will include all items below the ceiling grid line. Landlord will be contacting individual tenants to coordinate the Landlord’s ceiling, mechanical and base building system work.

Your insurance carrier will require that notice be given to them promptly so they may communicate and coordinate information with our insurance carrier. The process is vital to ensure that the interests of all parties involved are identified in order for all insurance carriers to respond accordingly.

Our property insurance carrier is:
Hartford Insurance
Claim number CP8910280
General Adjuster: Doug Gilman, (866) 951-2566, ext. 61232

The fire marshal has allowed re-occupancy of the building by tenants while further remediation efforts are underway. However, you and your refurbishment contractor, as well as your insurance carrier, should decide when your premises is adequately restored for your intended use. Nevertheless, all restoration efforts which include extensive common area and mechanical systems cleaning (ducts, bathrooms, elevators, etc.) will involve disruption to ordinary activities within the common areas and within individual tenant spaces. Please note that there will be limited air circulation throughout the building as there is no heating or air conditioning available at this time.

At this time, the Landlord recommends that building access be limited to employees only and to those areas restored by the Tenant’s and or Landlord’s restoration company.

Based upon initial air test results, the Landlord is unaware of any air quality issues but there will be odors within the building until all restoration efforts are completed. Landlord will continue to update tenants as the restoration process continues and we will be conducting ongoing indoor air quality testing during the restoration process.

It is imperative that the Landlord is notified when your restoration contractor is ready to commence work. The Landlord will need to be provided with your restoration contractor contact information and scope of work before restoration efforts commence. The Landlord must be notified if the scope or method of restoration changes.

Please acknowledge your receipt of this letter by signing where indicated below. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Landlord: 360 Post Street, LP
Acknowledged and Agreed this _____ day of October, 2009.
Tenant: __________________________